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Meanwhile, an old bickering couple get a new job at Burger McFlipster's with Wyatt. Meanwhile, Nikki's ex-boyfriend Stone returns to the mall so Nikki tries to get over him, with Caitlin's help. Once again, Ron uses the incident as an excuse to harass the gang by throwing them in the mall security lockup until Jonsey bails them out by giving Ron his, Jude's and Wyatt's tickets for the movie.

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Caitlin is quick to reassure him that she is, and to prove it, she kisses Todd. Meanwhile, Jude's year-old cousin, Jade, comes to the mall. Later, Jude and Ron get hooked on a romantic soap opera. They kiss in this episode by accident.

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  1. It is also a good introductory question to spark a conversation.
  2. Nikki and Jonesy find a perfect candidate named Dax who is an old friend of Nikki's, but Caitlin feels that the guy that she found, Dougray, is even more perfect.
  3. Maybe the questions he asks may give you a better opinion on how he is as a person.
  4. Meanwhile, Jonesy works for Darth, after destroying an expensive speaker.

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Meanwhile, Nikki seeks revenge by playing a huge prank on the Khaki Clones. Meanwhile, Ron puts Wyatt in mall jail on a trumped-up charge of littering and blackmails him into teaching Ron how to play the guitar to play a song for his crush. This is always an exciting question to ask.

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With the basic rules in place, dating starts in earnest, and soon all four single members of the group are engaged in getting to know others. In the end, Jen ends up dating Travis. He could be an exceptional dancer or singer who will always keep you entertained even in the saddest of times. Jude at first pretends to be okay with this, but as soon as Starr leaves Jude drops his calm facade and begins running through the mall, looking for geniuses. It is also a good way to get you giggling.

Jen purposely kissed the other boy as payback, and the four switched couples, and it was for the best because they liked each other more. Jen's jealous throughout the whole episode. Perhaps he could be an artist or painter as well. Your email address will not be published. Sat through one too many dreadful blind dates?

If you actually like the guy, then this question is the deal breaker. Later, he brings the group coffee from Cathleen, and they all agree that it's some of the best coffee they've ever tasted. He is discovered by a mysterious man who claims he is the latest teen-trend finder, and offers Jonesy a job. If the person is pessimistic and so are you, it might form a good connection. She then spends it on some diamond earrings that make Tricia believe that Caitlin working in the lemon is fake, which causes Tricia to stalk Caitlin.

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Most confident men will have a straight up answer to this question. Jude has a new girlfriend all across the world- in Australia. Meanwhile, Jude falls for a talking chair named Betty guest voiced by Terri Hawkes.

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However, Jen isn't sure she's ready to handle speed rejection. Nikki sarcastically suggests that they try speed dating to remedy this, and her friends much to her surprise think it a great idea. Nikki suggested sarcastically to join a speed dating session, and Jonesy decided he wanted to host it because he got kicked from his last job, and needed money. Jen starts dating a guy named Smithy.

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Jude wakes up and finds that he was dreaming. However, if he thinks the woman should do all the work. Girls try to make Nikki a prom queen, but there's an ultimate enemy- Tricia. Meanwhile, Caitlin dates a boy named Jasper, weed hook and each mistakenly thinks the other speaks fluent Spanish.

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Jen's used to guys falling all over her sister but she's dismayed to see that Nikki and Caitlin can't get enough of her. Will the male part of the group find out what's going on? Meanwhile, Jude loses his house keys while his parents are away so he temporarily lives in the mall, where he is repeatedly hounded by Ron the Rent-a-Cop. There is nothing more turning on than watching a man put something together with his own hands. He finds himself a job there.

  • Meanwhile, Jude gets a job at the Penalty Box.
  • Jen gets promoted to Assistant Coach at The Penalty Box, only to order too much wrestling merchandise from a marketing representative when she develops a crush on him.
  • Nikki and Jude have problems with the Escalator Girls and need to find a way to get back at them.

Jen must not be pushy, bossy, or tell anyone what to do until the end of the day, which turns out to be hard after the gang tries their best to make Jen crack. The rest of the gang tries to stop their relationship dead in its tracks out of fear that if it doesn't work, their friendship might be in danger. Meanwhile Jude's lucky coin falls into the air vent and he gets stuck while trying to retrieve it. Rachel Wilson guest-stars as Melinda Wilson. This is another title that seems to reference the episode title format from the sitcom Friends.

While normally strict and the most lawful of the gang, Jen steals an expensive snowboard jacket to be hip and impress a guy who doesen't pay much atenttion to her. Jude gives people his ridiculous advice, leading to catastrophic events with Wyatt stuck up a ladder when he is afraid of heights. In the end, her friends save her from losing her individuality. Jonesy, Wyatt, and Jude agree not to shower or clean themselves for a week to determine which one of them smells the worst and the best, with Nikki, Jen, disabilities dating sites and Caitlin as the judges.

Meanwhile, Jonesy tries to sell Roast Burky chunklets, and ends up causing a disaster at the mall when he trusts Jude to help him. Meanwhile, Jen and Jonesy try to compete in salesmanship to win sporting equipment and Jen makes a deal with Officer Ron so she can sell most of her products. He exchanges it for a cup of coffee, job dating pole emploi and from one sip he knows that it's the best coffee he's ever tasted. Meanwhile doppelgangers of the gang show up in the Mall.

Jude has actually taken this one, as he wants to find out exactly how dumb he is. And later on Jonesy wears a wig that looks like Smithy's hair and then Jen accidentally kisses Jonesy for looking like Smithy. Jude meets Starr for the second time, at the water fountian where they both fall in love with each other.

Ron gets a new guy to help him, and then retires, leaving the Mall in hands of unexpierenced rookie. This time, Jonesy accidentally slaps Jude's butt! Ron the Rent-a-cop gets baby Emma and gives her back to Jen, who then finds out her parents are getting home and she has to rush home with her baby sister before they arrive. The title is a reference to the classic holiday song Winter Wonderland. However, when Wyatt reveals that she likes country music, speed dating dc 20s his friends realize that he's just using his girlfriend for her coffee and tell him so.

Jen and Nathan are still in the elevator trying to find a way to get to the hospital in time so Jen can help her mom give birth. But Nikki finds out that living with Jen is too hard. The gang tells Caitlin their deepest secrects and she told them to her new boyfriend Dustin.

The two love Wyatt's honesty and maturity and ignore Jonesy's disgusting style. Jen's older and hated sister Courtney comes to town. Meanwhile, Wyatt writes down a new jingle in order to be rewarded with free food and rehearsal space for a band at Burger McFlipster's. Meanwhile, Jude does not want to study for his exams and his friends make him do it by any means necessary.

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