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Twain Driver Returned Unknown Error Code

Can I still scan with a basic driver installed? With the basic driver, the printer still prints, but it might not perform all functions. Save the returned image data to a file. No compressed image is available for the requested operation or an unsupported compressed image format was returned in response to a StartSession.

imageFORMULA DR-C Office Document Scanner

Item Tolerance of heat Thickness Material Dimensional accuracy Squareness of corners To avoid trouble, transparency must be delivered face-up. For example, the SaveOptionsJpeg. How satisfied are you with this reply? The required Internet dll file s are missing. Setting the Emulation Mode.

If you test it, the code will work and the scanner will start, however the image will be incompleted on most of the scanners. The following files are not present on the system. Any warranty support needed would be completed by the reseller that sold the product.

Check with your network administrator before performing this setting. Additional Product Support. Not enough storage is available to process this command. Set Enter Access Job Account. Changing Limitation of Use.

The user cancelled the requested operation. Item Description Recipient Address Enter the e-mail address for this recipient.

Has anyone any ideas what the problem is or how to fix it. Another application has the clipboard open. The file name can be monitored in the Status menu.

You can retrieve the image by converting the scan result object returned from the ShowTransfer method to the ImageFile type. The source code can be found in this Github repository. This code above was based on this code.

Twain driver returned unknown error code

This setting applies when one of the following messages appears on the display. It is used for transferring mail between mail servers as well as for sending mail from each client to their server. Thank you very much for you help.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Use this scale as a guide to determine when to replace the toner container.

The file is open in another control or application. Warranty replacement shall not extend the warranty period of the defective Product. Expansion Memory This option is used to increase machine memory. If your program uses a lot of windows resources it could be a Resource Heap shortage. Delphi source has bugs that is causing you this problem!

Can't find or load any version of the Twain Data Source Manager. Installing the Twain Driver. Kx driver operation guide rev. This could happen with a driver-only installation or an incomplete installation. Default printer settings will be overridden by the printer driver settings.

Item Description Subject You can enter the information that you want to appear in the subject field of the e- mail. Turn off the machine, disconnect the power cord and disconnect the machine cable. This process can take several minutes depending on the number of warranties being checked.

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Be sure that the document processor is closed whenever transporting the machine. Individual Account Management. For details on using the numeric keys to enter characters, refer to Character Entry in the Operation Guide. CopyToClipboard or ScannedImage. Position the originals and press Start.

There could be bugs in the compiler, it's a fair bet it's something in your app that is causing the problem. Unable to determine warranty status. Settings for the current scanner were not found in the settings file. The problem only appeared today and kept reappearing even though he killed my app and restarted it.

Media Type Media Type The machine is capable of printing under the optimum setting for the type of media being used. Then try to install it again. Ecoprint Mode Place the original on the platen.

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Example Copy Code if twainDevice. For example, ethernet controller driver windows vista 64 bit this may occur for the TwainDevice. The TwainDevice Name attribute was not found in the settings file.

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Locating and Installing Your Download

This product was sold by a reseller. Is there a simple way to check this out without uninstalling anything?

Feel free to use my Global Atom Monitor to check whether your Delphi apps are leaking atoms or not. Limp paper can buckle inside the machine, while paper that is too stiff may bind. The requested index was out of range for the property array. Limited Warranty The limited warranty set forth below is given by Canon U. Go to How to Scan Windows for more details.