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Yonex I Ezone Driver

We both hit the longer than the and cc models. Skip to the end of the images gallery. It feels like there is a good amount of mass or a very stable and solid structure behind the heel and toe that kept the ball on target.

The shaft works really well with the head to offer a light but balanced feel, meaning you can go hard at the ball while keeping dispersion relatively tight. It felt very stable and effortless to swing fast without losing control or awareness of the clubhead. The driver of choice of Ryo Ishikawa comes in a cc head and a smaller cc option and although none of our testers was man enough to go on record with the small head, the cc model impressed.

Impress on the Golf course with a beautiful Japan only golf bag. The Nanopreme shaft enables faster head speeds and reduced shaft deformation for longer, straighter drives. Your name You must enter your name.

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The contrast between the dark crown and silver face helps alignment and sits square when you place it down behind the ball at address. Because of that, I rarely have mishits, and I hit more fairways than I have in the past.

They all have nice deep faces and a sensation of substance behind it. Add a nice finishing touch to complete your set and protect your golf clubs with some cool head covers.

I-EZONE Series Drivers

Therefore Yonex have created a head that weighs more than any other driver. Unwisely went to a Yonex demo at my club and ended up with a new driver! After a few weeks hitting these extensively we are ready to display the Yonex Ezone Driver Review.

The crown is plain, has no alignment aid, and its traditional pear shape is just awesome. The cc for Tatsuro rivaled his Jbeam in distance but had a wider dispersion.

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Yonex Ezone XPG Driver

Like the appearance of the club, the feel and sound are reminiscent of simpler times. Feel A powerful and explosive thud at impact was a joy to experience and just left me wanting to tee up another ball. One of the big selling points for Japanese clubs is that their manufacturing tolerances are supposed to be a lot higher. This means that regardless of where you position the weights, the feel and balance remains the same. The was surprisingly easy to hit but not forgiving on mishits low.

View more Wedges Wedges Wedges from Japan Feel the difference of Japan Forged wedges at impact and notice the spin of your approach to the green. Cadero Grip Callaway Como! This encourages my natural swing rather than attempting a supersoninc slash.

Close out Special Prices These are items that brands have on sale at close out prices when they are releasing newer versions of these products. Many of our customers say they receive more compliments on their Japanese golf bag and clubs than their luxury car! The is has the best shape of any driver I have ever seen. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.

Yonex EZONE Tri-G driver review

By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Your review title You must enter a title. Made in Japan iron sets are known for their soft feel at impact. Bottom line, this club is seriously fun to hit. Pro James and James V were obvious fans of this as, even at cc, the head looks compact.

Be the first to leave a review. Flight Positioning the heavy weight closest to the face worked to keep the spin down.

I-EZONE Series Driver

If I was hitting the driver straight all day, I would be drawing my irons all day. An exceptionally forgiving driver with a higher launch for enhanced distance. In terms of workability, this driver is unsurprisingly very workable. The feel is solid, not hollow, driver compaq cq43 almost like the sound of a steel headed driver.

Both Darren and Bryan struggled with this though, and this brought the overall mark down even though they were using the larger headed model. Adjustable loft is available at the hosel. It seemed to setup better at that length.

Yonex i ezone driver

Left Handed Fairway Woods. For power it was up there among the longest, featuring in the top five for Chris, Dave B and Jon and it was no slouch in dispersion either.